Sleeping Beauty enthrals audiences

Mother and daughter duo Vickey Bosch and Katie Walker put a new twist on an old classic with their version of the pantomime Sleeping Beauty. Modern pop songs and comedic one-liners spiced up the show.

A new page has been turned by the mother and daughter playwriting team in their hilarious new version of Sleeping Beauty. Vickey Bosch and her daughter Katie Walker, who has written plays for the Irene Dramatic Society, including Cinderella and Snow White, wanted to create a fairy tale with a difference.

The traditional story of Sleeping Beauty has been mixed with modern pop songs and hilarious one-liners.

Walker’s creativity also led to the creation of two additional characters, Igor and Igorina, a humorous parody of well-known fictional writer Terry Pratchett’s Discworld Series. This year new talent has arrived on the stage. “One tends to cast people with whom one has worked with before, but this year we have some excellent new talent to add to the brew,” said Bosch.

Newcomers such as Huw Williams from Charleston Dance SA played an essential role in making this production come alive.

With Williams’ expertise, all dance routines were choreographed by him. Well-known opera singer Eileen van Zijl had the audience mesmerised by her solo performance of Love Changes Everything.

As a pantomime, Sleeping Beauty is interspersed with great songs, both old and new.

The show is also filled with puns, pranks and mayhem, making it suitable for both young and old.

The show started on 18 October and can still be seen on 25 and 26 October at the Irene Village Hall, 1 Pioneer Street, Irene. For more information, contact irene.dramatic.society@gmail.com.

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