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Taxi crashes through wall of rescue centre in Bronkhorstspruit

A taxi headed towards Bronkhorstspruit flipped and crashed through the boundary wall at Wet Nose Animal Rescue Centre.

Tragedy struck the Wet Nose Animal Rescue Centre on the afternoon of May 13 when a taxi went off the road, hit a rock, flipped, and crashed into the boundary wall, leaving one dead and 11 injured.

Police spokesperson Warrant Officer Johan van Dyk said the police opened a case of culpable homicide.

“The investigations into the culpable homicide case continue to reach the root of the accident,” said Van Dyk.

The taxi driver was alive and among the injured after being flung from the vehicle. Tshwane Emergency Services spokesperson Deputy Chief Charles Mabaso said they received the call at about 17:45.

“Upon arrival at the scene, the paramedics found the taxi had overturned.”

Mabaso said the Tshwane EMS found the Gauteng EMS ambulances already on the scene.

“Nine patients with moderate to serious injuries and two with critical injuries were treated and transported to Bronkhorstspruit and Wilgers hospitals. Paramedics declared one person dead,” said Mabuso.

Veronica van Greunen, the animal welfare manager at Wet Nose, witnessed the incident.

Declan Rodocanachi from Wet Nose said, “Out of nowhere, a taxi came flying through our boundary wall, right next to our exercise runs. It would have hit Veronica if she had walked by just five seconds earlier.

“Amid the chaos, Veronica saw one passenger frantically trying to reach their loved ones. She helped a badly injured passenger make a phone call to inform his family of the situation,” said Rodocanachi.

Moments later, everyone’s families arrived on the scene. Their cries and prayers filled the night, hoping for the safety of those they cherished.

Van Greuen said, “It seemed the commuters were all employed by the same company and on their way to work.

“We are deeply grateful for the swift response from the first responders, ambulances, and fire services,” said Van Greunen.

The last ambulance to leave the scene from Wet Nose was spiked on the N4, adding another layer of distress to an already heartbreaking night.

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