Prevent bullying at school

Bullies pick on the people they think do not fit in

School bullying is a form of aggressive behaviour that is intentional and hurtful by an individual or a group with more power.

It involves psychological, emotional, social or physical harassment of one student by another on school premises. Bullying also occurs when a teacher is either a victim or a culprit.

Two of the main reasons people are bullied are because of appearance and social status. Bullies pick on the people they think do not fit in, perhaps because of what they look like, how they act (for example, kids who are shy and withdrawn), their race or religion.

Some of the reasons why pupils keep bullying a secret include feeling ashamed because they cannot stand up for themselves, they are embarrassed or feel ashamed that no one likes them or they have heard someone else tell adults about bullying before and nothing was done about it.

Warning signs that a child is being bullied: Carries protection devices to school like knives, fork or even a firearm; Decline in quality of academic performance; Sudden decrease in school attendance or skipping certain classes; Seems happy on weekends but unhappy and preoccupied or tense on Sundays.

Warning signs that a child might bully someone include: Being impulsive; Seems to derive satisfaction or pleasure from others’ fear, discomfort or pain; Enjoys feeling powerful and in control; Seeks to dominate or manipulate others.

Measures that can be taken to prevent bullying: Stay connected with your child/parents; Parents/teachers must explain to pupils what bullying is; Pupils must be encouraged and taught what to do in case they experience or witness bullying; Parent should set a good example for their children.

Teachers can use newsletters or parent meetings to address issues related to bullying at schools.

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