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Residents want tribunal to solve Orange Grove JPC’s housing plan

ORANGE GROVE – Huggett say she has been advised not to comment on the matter.


Residents in Orange Grove are adamant that a tribunal is the only way to resolve the issue of houses managed by Johannesburg Property Company (JPC).

The North Eastern Tribune reported in the article, JPC houses controversy, [Week Ending 13 September] that the City of Johannesburg was planning to redevelop the houses and lease them to people who can afford to pay the rent.

However, Orange Grove Residents Association’s chairperson Roger Chadwick said they are opposed to the current proposal and want the City to refer the matter to a tribunal, especially since there are over 500 objections to the rezoning that have to be heard at a Municipal Planning Tribunal (MPT).

“Despite what the City of Joburg spokesperson stated, the final decision resides with the MPT. Until this tribunal has delivered its decision and any appeal that might be lodged subsequently, there cannot be any development of any land parcel.”

When contacted, Ward 73 councillor Eleanor Huggett said, “I know that senior managers from JPC as well as MMC Leah Knott are still discussing the matter and I’m not allowed to comment.

“I don’t want to jeopardise anything. I will allow these officials to deal with the matter as they are currently doing.”

City’s spokesperson, Nthatise Modingoane, referred the queries sent to him by Tribune to JPC and said, “We will comment as soon as the information is made available to us.”

Details: Ward 73 councillor Eleanor Huggett 071 785 8068

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