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Initiative aims to provide transparency

JOHANNESBURG – Residents may use the portal to improve their environment and alert City of Joburg officials of infrastructure failure and other related issues they are experiencing.

If issues are not logged on the City’s service delivery systems, the City utilities will be unaware of the problem or issues until they have been reported.

LogNow SmartCity has created an active citizenry community since 2019, to improve service delivery in Johannesburg ensuring accountability and action.

According to the pioneer of the initiative Lionel Greenberg, “The power of LogNow SmartCity is that it is a community-based portal giving the residents a level of ownership in the city and its entities by providing transparency. Issues logged on LogNow are viewable immediately by any person visiting the website.”

He added that LogNow allowed you to quickly log issues and saved you the hassle of making phone calls to the municipality and waiting to be assisted by a call centre agent.

Lionel Greenberg is the pioneer of the LogNow initiative. Photo: Naidine Sibanda

Greenberg said the portal was a single point of contact where residents could easily log issues with the City of Joburg and there was no need to download an app.

“Log issues such as potholes, burst water pipes, faulty street and traffic lights, corruption and vandalism to infrastructure, location of a fire hydrant and host of other services are available. Regional contact details, news and other relevant information is available on the portal.”

Visit Log Now at https://www.lognow.co.za/


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