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Spark Media encourages clients to leap into local

Spark Media's sales effectively extend its reach to include Caxton’s 58 local news websites.

Spark Media unveiled its Leap into Local initiative, a new positioning, and offerings as the location-targeted print and digital advertising leader on April 24 at Wimpy in Rosebank Mall.

Gregg Dunn (Spark Media) and Cindy Palmer (Spark media). Photo: Asanda Matlhare

In presentation style, Spark Media explained to its clients about its new digital media sales arm, which effectively extends its reach to include Caxton’s 58 local news websites.

The video added that South Africa is a potjie pot of different cultures, “But it’s our connection to each other that unites us within this diversity. South Africans seeking to connect in their immediate communities and online.”

Michelle Kemp and Bridgette Manamela. Photo: Asanda Matlhare

Spark’s new multichannel advertising solutions enable clients to do just that and connect with their audiences through location-targeted print and digital content, at
scale, in 120 economically active communities across the nation.

Bridgette Manamela (Spark media) and Denise Bolt (Orca media). Photo: Asanda Matlhare.

“Print advertising is the OG. It’s impactful, trusted, and has its voice. Research shows that print ads continue to drive strong brand recall and remain the most trusted advertising source when making a purchase decision. Statista predicts that global print ad spend will hit US$46.23bn this year, with newspaper advertising being the largest player with a market volume of US$33.35bn.”

Suzanne Theunissen collects the prize. Photo: Asanda Matlhare

An Orca media client, Blake Andrews commended Spark’s presentation, “The initiative is brilliant, it incorporates digital and print which allows the clients to leverage the different audiences to keep it local and strengthen the local market.”

A KFC representative, Medalto Gotore (KFC) added that the presentation was informative, short, and captivating.

Prianka Kanniappen and Bridgette Manamela. Photo: Asanda Matlhare

He explained that the information in the video was captured well by clients and the information left clients with a desire to think about how they could benefit more and what they could do.

Blake Andrews (Orca Media) collects his prize. Photo: Asanda Matlhare

Spark’s offerings are:


  • Traditional newspaper advertising in any size and/or colour


  • Pre-printed adverts were inserted into the center of the 14 newspapers.

Print Innovation

  • Insert jackets
  • Power wraps
  • Single sheet inserts
Bridgette Manamela, Blacke Andrews (Orca Media) and Gabisile Xaba (Spark media). Photo: Asanda Matlhare

Sponsored content

  • Feature your brand alongside relevant content/columns.


  • Deliver product samples to SA homes via local newspapers.

News takeover

  • Provides you with a 100% share of voice of the news section on an LNN site for 24 hours creating high visibility and impact.
  • Content takeover (roadblock)
  • Reduces noise from other brands when users are reading about your content.
Suzanne Theunissen, Medalto Gotore (KFC), and Bridgette Manamela (Spark media). Photo: Asanda Matlhare

Sponsored content

  • Newsletter banners
  • Enjoy a 100% share of voice by placing your brand directly into opted-in users’ inboxes.

RON banners & interstitials

Justin Harris (Spark Media), Blake Andrews (Orca Media), Rob Fedder and Gregg Dunn (Spark Media). Photo: Asanda Matlhare
  • A premium direct audience solution that ensures you reach the relevant audiences.

Social posts

  • Engage 2,8 million combined Facebook users through posts and boosted posts.

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