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Bramley police warn as criminals target motorists

Bramley Police Station encourages the community to remain vigilant as trends of criminals targeting motorists increase in the policing precinct.

Bramley Police Station encourages community members to remain vigilant and self-aware as the station recently noted an uptake in cases whereby criminals are targeting motorists.

According to the station’s spokesperson Captain Molefe Mogodi, trends show that motorists are robbed of their vehicles while they are parked, resting in their vehicle, waiting for someone, talking to someone or answering their cell phone.

“We have received several reports where the victims were robbed of their valuables or even a vehicle while parked in the street.”

Bramley Police shares the following safety tips to assist motorists:

  • Remain alert and observe the people around you
  • Criminals target people who appear to be most vulnerable, so be cautious
  • If you are meeting with someone, choose places such as restaurants, filling stations or any public place where you will feel safe
  • Trust your instinct, do not stop or park anywhere
  • Keep your car engine running and ready to drive should you sense trouble

“Bramley SAPS also encourages the community to have contact numbers of the patrol vehicles saved in their cellphones,” said Mogodi.

The Bramley policing precinct is divided into four sectors that are each overseen by a sector commander:

  • Sector 1 – 071 675 6118/9; the sector commander is Warrant Officer Moila – 084 722 2437
  • Sector 2 – 071 675 6120/1; the sector commander is Warrant Officer Rasesemola – 082 849 6626
  • Sector 3 – 071 675 6122/3; the sector commander is Sergeant Ramushu – 071 349 5411
  • Sector 4 – 071 675 6125/5; the sector commander is Sergeant Khosa – 067 798 0068.

Details: Bramley Police Station 011 445 4113.




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