Operation Okae Molao sweeps through Vanderbijpark streets

The men and women in blue have delivered yet another installment of the weekly Operation Okae Molao.

VANDERBIJLPARK -This time, the Sedibeng District Cluster hit Vanderbijpark streets.

On Thursday, at about 05:30, Operation Okae Molao was held in the Vanderbijlpark policing precinct to combat crime. The operation yielded positive results.

Speaking to Sedibeng Ster, Sedibeng police spokeswoman Sergeant Thembeka Maxambela said  a collective which included Sedibeng District Police Stations, Mounted Unit, Infrastructure Team, CPF, ADT Security and SBV started with a roadblock at Barrage Road.

“During the operation 306 vehicles were searched, and 332 person’s searched,” she said.

“The Operation later moved to different sectors of Vanderbijlpark and 22 arrests were made with crimes such as possession of drugs, selling liquor without a license, undocumented person’s, possession of stolen property and possession of illicit cigarettes,” she added.

Maxambela said during the operation tucks shops, filling Stations, illegal shebeens, schools, railway stations, malls and properties where drug related incidents take place were visited.

“Along the operation stop and searches were also done,” she said.

The first resident of Emfuleni Local Municipality, Mayor Sipho Radebe graced the operation and commended the team on a job well done.

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