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They play for call-ups in heaven!

As always over the weekend, yours truly, the self-appointed Minister of Sports drove to Evaton to watch masters soccer tournament at Conti grounds in Evaton.

SEDIBENG.-  TOUCHLINE was taught that mistakes are made and corrected at an early age.

What TOUCHLINE witnessed over the weekend was embarrassing, that is to see a so called ‘masters player’ kick the ball over the wall just because the decision went against his team. This happened on numerous occasions and the first incident I thought it was just a mistake, but it happened for the second time, in the same match.


To be honest, TOUCHLINE doubts that most of the masters soccer players played football when they were still young. I doubt it, because to be realistic, at this level, you don’t expect such behaviour from the so called ‘masters’ soccer players. TOUCHLINE’s understanding is that the purpose of masters soccer league or tournaments is more about fun, keeping fit and making friends while playing this beautiful game or perhaps I am missing something.

Hell no!

It has nothing to do with winning at all cost because anyhow the masters that are playing these games are just waiting for their ‘call-up’ in heaven. It becomes a problem when you start playing football when you have approached the graveyard. Some of us go to watch the masters soccer games and tournaments and we expect to see the ‘masters’ who show us how football is supposed to be played, to remind us how great they were during their playing days. Or is it a matter of everyone being a master nowadays for something that they don’t have a clue about.

TOUCHLINE hates to say this, but I will say it anyhow, “football is not for everyone shame”!

TOUCHLINE’s message to these so called ‘masters’ is that, we don’t need this kind of behavior at this level because you are role models to  youngsters, so behave like one, even though some of you have never kicked the ball in your youth days. Some of you “lene le se monate ma grootman” (some of you were not talented) growing up playing football that is why you behave like hooligans. Lastly, those supporters who were swearing in front of women and children at the Conti ground over the weekend must hang their hands in shame. You are such an embarrassment to the game because it is really sad to heard grown men swearing at someone with women’s private parts in front of women nogal!

What kind of society have we become?


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