Wanted man reportedly kills himself during arrest

Members of the local SAPS and passers-by were shocked when a man's arrest ended in tragedy.

The SAPS had apparently been on the trail of a suspect for some time, Mr. Johan Moller, in matters of outstanding warrants and various fraud cases against him.

According to reports, he lived on a smallholding in the Barrage area. However, he disappeared after it was revealed that the SAPS was on his trail.

He apparently left everything at his home on the small holding and found another hiding place.

However, a camera system used by private companies detected his vehicle on the R42 on Friday, January 12 and informed the police.

Members of the SAPS’s K9 (dog units) assisted in apprehending the suspect at around 14:50 on the R42 near the Potchefstroom exit (R553).

Moller was apparently busy on his phone when he was pulled over.

According to information received, he was calm and did not resist. He was arrested and handcuffed by the police.

However, shortly afterwards he violently broke free and deliberately jumped in front of the wheels of an oncoming heavy vehicle. The incident was caught on video camera.

He was pronounced dead at the scene.

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