Weekend viewing

Get the popcorn and snacks ready, we’ve got your weekend watching sorted with three great movies … a biographical romantic drama, a crime movie based on a novel and an animated adventure comedy.   

In the 1960s, Cambridge University student and future physicist Stephen Hawking falls in love with fellow collegian Jane Wilde. At 21, Stephen learns that he has motor neuron disease. Despite this — and with Jane at his side — he begins an ambitious study of time, of which he has very little left, according to his doctor. He and Jane defy terrible odds and break new ground in the fields of medicine and science, achieving more than either could hope to imagine. Watch The Theory of Everything now on Netflix.

VIEW TRAILER HERE – https://youtu.be/Salz7uGp72c 

Lionel Essrog is a lonely private detective who doesn’t let Tourette’s syndrome stand in the way of his job. Gifted with a few clues and an obsessive mind, Lionel sets out to solve the murder of Frank Minna — his mentor and only friend. Scouring the jazz clubs and slums of Brooklyn and Harlem, Essrog soon uncovers a web of secrets while contending with thugs, corruption and the most dangerous man in the city. A brilliant crime, mystery movie, Motherless Brooklyn is a must watch on Showmax.

VIEW TRAILER HERE – https://youtu.be/Fru8IkuDp_k 

When two Flummels (an adorable species of fluffy animals with holes in their centre) are magically transported to the present day, they learn that their species are now extinct and forgotten. They must now travel back in time to try to save their race from disappearing forever. Extinct is a fun and entertaining animation movie for the kids, showing at a cinema near you.

VIEW TRAILER HERE – https://youtu.be/L7rAA0H1X_E   

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