Five steps to help you choose the best builder

Steer clear of building disasters by choosing a reputable builder.

A bad builder can turn the dream of building your own home into a nightmare. Do some thorough research by following these steps to make sure you find the best possible builder to make your dream a reality.

Ask around – Adverts can make anyone look good, but the real test is what people have to say. Word of mouth is always best. Post a message on your neighbourhood WhatsApp or Facebook group and ask for advice. The architect or building inspector will also be able to give you trustworthy referrals of building contractors they’ve worked with.

Check, check and check again – Now that you have a couple of referrals, ask for references, check their credentials and qualifications and make sure the builder is registered with the National Home Builders’ Registration Council.

Is he the right fit for you? – While the builder might be good, he might not be the right person for the job purely because of the style you are going for. Choose a builder with experience in building the type of home you want. Visit the homes which were built by the builder and see if it is what you have in mind.

Be careful of a one-man band – Does the builder have the necessary support and staff in place to ensure good work flow and a structured approach? Office support, with an administrative process to keep track of procurement, payments, accounts and deliveries is key to a successful site.

Set clear goals and timelines – Before the project starts, discuss your timeline and budget with the builder to make sure everyone is on the same page and that the builder knows what your expectations are. Clear, continuous communication is key to prevent running into financial or time constraints and avoid disappointment.

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