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#Elections2024: The call is real, vote say locals

Many feel that corruption needs to end and basic services need to be prioritised.

General elections will be held in South Africa today (May 29) to elect a new National Assembly as well as the Provincial Legislature in each of the nine provinces.

This will be the seventh general election since the end of the apartheid era in 1994.

Locals in the Shelly Beach area are calling for all South Africans to go out and vote to bring about positive change for all.

They feel that corruption within the government needs to end, and basic services in all sectors need to be jacked up.

Japie Smit of Shelly Beach:

“Those who don’t vote complain the most. If you don’t vote then how do you want change to come about. South Africa is a beautiful country, let’s make it work for all.”

Carmen Smit:

“Every citizen needs to go and out and vote. We need them to vote for a God fearing man, so we can turn this country around for all.”

Prudence Ngubane:

“I call on all South Africans to vote. It is your right. We need change in South Africa where people can work and the new government provides proper housing and basic services for its people. This government needs to puts its people first.”

Sagren Raju:

“South Africa needs a new party to take over with fresh and positive changes that will benefit the people of South Africa. Corruption needs to stop and we need better living conditions for all. I encourage all 18 years and older to cast their vote on May 29. It’s time for a positive change.”


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