OPINION: ‘Look to the past to find a solution’

Although not the best looking, the pavement is tarred and has had no apparent maintenance done since it was laid.

DEAR Editor,-

We’re all hoping that Margate’s Whale Deck and beach walkway will be repaired soon – hopefully long before ‘season’.

It would be amazing if this was repaired once and for all.

Might I suggest that ‘the powers that be’ take a look at an indestructible pavement/pathway, which was laid way back when by Rob Parry (who was town clerk) and his ‘merry men’ of the Ramsgate Town Board. The pavement in question starts at the Margate/Ramsgate border in Marine Drive, just north of Tinker’s Den, and continues to the stop street at the junction of Marine Drive and the R620. It is tarred and has had no apparent maintenance done on it since it was laid.

Maybe not the most aesthetically pleasing, but it withstands hooligans and trucks and is easily repairable if dug up by any of our utility companies.

Brick pavements are all very well, until a truck drives up onto them. We’ve all seen what happens then. As for the eco-friendly recycled boards used on the Margate beachfront … they would be perfect in a perfect world, where traffic was light and vandalism unheard of. Unfortunately ours is not a perfect world and we need to find lasting, maintenance-free solutions.




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