UPDATE: Guns cache man on the run [PHOTOS]

A number of weapons and rounds of ammunition was found.

POLICE recovered guns and ammunition in Isipingo after they followed a man posing as a bogus policeman to a residence in Flamboyant Drive on Tuesday evening, 25 November.
Earlier in the day, Crime Intelligence Pinetown Cluster received information of a man impersonating a police officer in Cato Ridge. He had a police radio and a bullet-proof vest in his possession.

“He was placed under observation and we called on the Cavendish mobile team to assist. We noticed he was on the move, so we followed him to Isipingo Hills,” said a Crime Intelligence officer, who cannot be named as he works undercover.

At the Flamboyant Drive residence, members of the mobile team identified themselves as police officers and spoke to him, however he made his escape on the pretext of locking-up his dogs. After he failed to return, the team sought assistance from the Umlazi K9 Unit.
When police entered the well-secured, four-storey property, they derailed the main gate, which was enclosed with metal sheeting. They broke a door in the garage to enter the premises. “On a kitchen table we found two 9mm pistols. We searched the house, but the suspect had escaped.”

After a more thorough search, they recovered two .38 special pistols and a pump action shotgun hidden underneath a wardrobe; 144 shotgun rounds, 50 9mm rounds, 50.38 special rounds and 103 loose shotgun rounds. Other recoveries are three pump action shotgun butts, three police radios; three bullet-proof vests and firearm holsters. Police emblems, medals, power tools and several safes were also recovered.

In the garage, large containers holding diesel, diesel pumps and other paraphernalia associated with an illegal diesel operation were found.
“We know the suspect’s identity. He is on the run, but we will find him.”


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