Watch: Twist in the tale after hungry lion pounces on feasting hyena

A cackle had to save one of their own after their meal was interrupted by a mighty lion.

Maddie Lowe from Australia captured the incredible moment when a lion interrupted the feast of a cackle of hyenas.

Lowe and other guests at the Arathusa Safari Lodge within the Sabi Sand Reserve, next to an unfenced portion of the Kruger National Park, drove to a kill made by lions the previous day.

At the kill site, they were lucky enough to discover hyenas feasting on the remains. This was just the start of an epic viewing experience, however, because out of nowhere, a male lion charged and caught one of the hyenas.

The video captures its terrified screams and records how the other hyenas turn their collective power on the lion, which is forced to release its prey. Warning: Strong language in the video that may upset viewers.


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