Bloodbath at Bedford Centre Bedfordview

Shooting in Bedford Centre leaves seven injured.

BEDFORDVIEW – Charles Hellyar, an employee of Cellucity in Bedfordview Centre was one of the first on the scene after the shooting in Bedford Centre, Bedforview on Thursday morning January 29.

The CHRONICLE spoke to him a few hours after all hell broke loose in the centre.

“At about 11:15 I heard the first gun shot and then another shot which sounded like an AK47.  My colleague, Barry Lapthorn and our manager made sure our customers and staff were all safe in the back of the shop and then the two of us went down the escalators to see what was happening.

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“We saw three people had been shot and one man was bleeding badly from his legs. We began to try and stop the bleeding, and learnt he was one of the suspects, so searched him for a weapon. He was unarmed but his gun lay not far away on the tiles.

“We saw an SBV staff member from the cash in transit vehicle had also been shot and began to stabilise him, before Barry helped another victim in the vehicle who had been shot,” said Hellyar.

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“As SAPS arrived on the scene I realised there were more suspects in the bathroom and then shooting started again. I was worried we were in the crossfire and I managed to drag the injured man across to the Link Pharmacy where another injured lay. Paramedics arrived and took over from us,” he added.

When asked how he felt, “Shocked, but glad I’m alive and that no one from our shop was injured. Crime is way too bad in South Africa.”

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