Elderly couple terrorised by youngster in the South Hills

58-year-old Charmaine said if this is a way to get her out of her flat it is not going to work because is she not leaving South Hills as long as she is alive.

A SAD and frustrated middle-aged South Hills couple, Charmaine and Johan Tromp, claim that they have been terrorised by a group of youths since February.

According to the couple, the group throws stones at their property, dogs and grandchildren and scratch vehicles that visit them at their Prestberry flat in Outspan Road.

Charmaine (58) said her biggest frustration was that her family tried so many times to get Moffatview SAPS, who are just a couple of metres away from their home, to intervene but the police did not take them seriously, even when they approached officers who where passing by.

“I don’t understand why the other parents in the area would be okay with their children terrorising my family like this because they are aware of our complaints about the troublesome youngsters. I am frustrated and stressed. I cannot even function properly because of these young boys and a few adults who throw stones at our home and then run when we approach.

“They started by throwing stones and anything they could put their hands on at my dogs and eventually at my home. They are not ashamed of this. When my family approaches them they flee and laugh because they do not take us seriously. This has been going on for so long and it brings me great pain because ever since my son who grew up playing here and was schooled with these children’s brothers passed, I have not been living peacefully.

“When I go to a store to buy something to eat they say nasty things to me about me choosing to support foreigners instead of locals. I believe I can choose who I want to buy from,” said a saddened Charmaine.

Johan (58) showed the COURIER all the stones and objects that have been at them and said these teenagers are not concerned about who they might hurt. “We cannot understand because some of these boys do not even go to school and some of them are old enough to be classified as adults.

“If this is a ploy to get me to vacate my flat because it is now time to get our title deeds, I am not going anywhere. I love this place and I have been living here for 25 years. My children were raised here and schooled here,” he said.

“My son cannot bring my grandchildren to visit because the children were once missed by a stone when they came here. These young boys will do anything to hurt us. They even scratched a vehicle that visited me,” said Charmaine with tears in her eyes.

According to the family and Caroline van der Heever, their 29-year-old daughter who lives with them, these attacks do not end there. Charmaine works at a hospital theatre and she gets calls to come to work any time of the day or night and because of that, the hospital sends a driver to fetch her. But that is used by some people to torment her as some people say to her that she is cheating on her husband.

“These things hurt me and bring me a lot of pain. Why are these things happening to me where I live? At work I am happy and all my colleagues love me, but at home I fear for my life. My husband has had two strokes and I worry he might suffer another one from all the stress. All I want is for the police to do something and for the parents to get involved,” she said.

A few days after meeting with the family, Caroline called the COURIER to report that on the night of Wednesday, September 28, the boys were at it again, throwing things at their property.

Councillor shocked

“I am shocked by this news. I will personally go and visit the family and try to get the identities of these youngsters. If she indeed went to the Moffatview SAPS to report this but did not get any assistance then it is an indication the police do not take the plight of the couple seriously. In my view, the community needs to be protected by the police, otherwise the system is failing. We want to find out the other side of the story to know why the police are unable to assist the family.

“It is the right of every citizen to feel safe and not be threatened by anyone. The culprits must be dealt with if found guilty of tormenting any residents,” said a disappointed ward 57 councillor, Faeeza Chame.

Moffatview police

After communicating the family’s plight to Moffatview SAPS’ communications officer Rebecca Bila, Johan Tromp informed the COURIER on Thursday, September 29, that an appointment had been made by the police for an officer to visit the family.

A senior Moffatview SAPS official is still going through the claims submitted by the COURIER, and an official police statement will issued.

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