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Elderly woman helped by locals

Elderly woman gets the help she wanted from residents instead of the Department of Housing.

PATRICIA Kotze received help and her mind has been set somewhat at ease.

This comes after an unknown neighbour read about her plight in the COURIER and visited the 70-year-old and fixed the leakage in her flat.

Most residents were touched by the story and phoned the COURIER to ask to repair the leak for her but it had already been repaired. However, most were advised to visit her flat to see if there was anything they could do for her since her ceiling was ruined by the water.

Patricia said she was disappointed she did not get the help she needed from the Housing Department. She says the people they sent only told her they would return with a new geyser and left her with the leak still pouring and never returned.

On Wednesday, November 11, the COURIER met a young man, who prefers not to be named, from a project assisting the youth to use their skills in Johannesburg to make a living. He indicated that he was working in partnership with City Power and dealt with the solar geysers. He checked everything in the presence of the COURIER and made sure the taps in Patricia’s flat were all working and that she could get hot water from the solar geyser while she awaits the installation of the electric geyser.

“I am very happy and I want to thank all the people who have been phoning me to come and help. I am still waiting for some people who promised me a washing machine and I hope someone can fix my small bathroom ceiling. I also want to thank the Southern COURIER for all their interventions.

“To the politicians and executives, I want to say: don’t make promises you cannot keep. If I say I have a problem and I need your help, come and see to the problem. Don’t just say you are helping but I don’t ever see you.

“I am happy to have people like Success, who is our security guard, because he comes and helps when we call him. Sometimes we misplace our keys and he comes and finds them for us,” said a smiling Patricia.

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