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WATCH: Residents protest against poor service delivery at the Department of Labour

Protesters blocked both directions of Voortrekker Road with rocks and concrete blocks.

Residents in the Alberton area protested over poor service delivery and payout disputes at the Department of Labour on May 4.

Protesters blocked both directions of Voortrekker Road with rocks and concrete blocks. There were also rocks being thrown at vehicles.

Protesters calmed down after the SAPS, Special Operations Group (SOG) Security and other legal authorities arrived.
According to information received, someone from the department spoke to the crowd through the police radio and they then dispersed.

The RECORD also spoke to residents standing in front of the closed doors of the department and according to them, they have been struggling to submit their UIF claims and most of them have not received any payments.

“They keep on saying we must register online, but it is giving us a lot of problems. No one can assist us with our enquiries and when we phone the number which is on their windows we get no answer.



“The Alberton branch has been closed every time I came to do my application,” said Zakhele Mhaule.
“When you visit the Alberton branch you will see a security guard inside but there is no one who will open the door to help you.
“In front of the doors, there are boxes where people can throw in their applications. There are a lot of posters with numbers if you struggle and with tips and the online link to apply,” Mhaule continued.

Another resident Sylvia Seepe told the RECORD that she does not have any internet at home nor a computer where she can register online.

Vuyo Nompozolo said he submitted his claims in March and he still has not received any payment nor any SMS regarding the status of his application.

“The one day when I was here they were open but did not assist people,” he said.

Others complained about the poor service delivery and how the department just never answers their calls.
Sibusiso Mnisi said that he felt that the department was part of those who are essential.

“Why are they closed? Why is the only option for us to apply online? Most of the time we struggle with online applications as it gives us errors and where should we go to ask for the right forms or some sort of help? This is not right,” a very unhappy Mnisi said.

*The RECORD contacted the three numbers of the Department of Labour but there was no answer. Comment was also requested via email and it will be published as soon as it is received.

Sibusiso Mnisi is very unhappy about the Department of Labour being closed at a time where people are depending on their UIF payouts. He is looking for the correct forms for his applications, but there is no one who can assist him.

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