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Masks donated to Johannesburg Society for the Blind (JSB)

The business plans to keep on donating masks to the society until the end of the year.

Otiz Seflo recently donated 60 masks to the Johannesburg Society for the Blind (JSB) in Roseacres. The business plans to keep on donating masks to society until the end of the year.

Otiz Seflo is a Johannesburg-based fashion studio established in 2009. The brand was born from the humble beginnings of passion-driven Otsile (Otiz) Seflo. From May 1, the country moved into Level 4 of the lockdown and it is now mandatory to wear cloth masks when leaving our homes.

As a contributor to the fashion industry, Otiz Seflo found it fitting to contribute to fighting the spread of Covid-19 through the use of design work and creating protective face masks. “We are really happy to include these masks in our collection,” explains Seflo.

Covid-19 has immensely affected the fashion industry and is backtracking its tremendous growth over the past few years. The fashion industry was seen as the fifth largest in terms of the economic development of the country.

A proliferation of designers and fashion studios throughout the country mainly drives the industry. The growing demand for tailor-made apparel has led to establishment and growth in this industry.

By producing these face masks, Otiz Seflo is working to mitigate the impact of coronavirus on the business and the country at large. In addition to selling its masks, Otiz Seflo would like to call on various South African charity organisations that are in need of clothed masks as they are willing to donate 100 clothed masks to them.

If you would like to buy face masks or if you work in a charity organisation wanting to benefit from the donation of masks, contact Otsile Sefolo on 079 676 5668 (WhatsApp).

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