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Useful safety tips by CPS Security

The safety of the community is CPS Security's number one priority.

Many people wake up feeling vulnerable and unsafe in the communities they reside in.

Everyone wants to keep themselves and their families out of harm’s way, but how does one do that with total reassurance that they are truly safe?

CPS Security shared these safety tips to help keep residents safe:

Home safety precautions

• Ensure doors are locked – even when you’re home.

• Dogs serve as a deterrent.

• Vary your daily routine.

• Always keep a torch nearby at night.

• Intruders don’t intend on being spotted, therefore choosing dark areas.

• Make use of day/night switch globes to automatically turn lights on after dark.

• Be sure your lights shine away from the building, and never turn your lights on inside so not to jeopardize your location or exhibit what is inside.

Vehicle safety

• Avoid being distracted at intersections.

• Avoid driving alone after dark.

• Ignore loiterers near your car or driveway.

• Always leave space ahead of your vehicles to manoeuvre.

Lottery scams

• Lotto scammers use a variety of contact methods like emails or messages via phone apps.

• Manipulate the victim into thinking they’ve won some sort of prize.

• The victim will then be asked to provide personal information or to pay a fee to receive the prize.

Travelling to and from school

• Have a planned walking route or pickup point.

• Make sure your child knows the route well.

• Be sure they never walk alone.

• Make them aware of road signals and other road users.

• If you child rides a bike, be sure they wear a helmet and protective clothing.

Children safety from drugs

• Get to know your children’s friends.

• Know the parent who is hosting parties.

• Encourage an open dialogue with your children.

• Make it easy for your child to leave a place where substances are being used.

Police child protection

• The SA Police Service’s Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences Unit is a special police unit investigating violent crimes against children and offers specialised services to child victims of crime.

Contact them on 086 001 0111 or send an email to childprtect@saps.org.za

Workplace security

• If your business is targeted by robbers:

1. Remain calm.

2. Don’t attempt to stop them.

3. Cooperate. Don’t resist.

4. Press silent panic only when undetected.

• Check all windows and doors are securely locked when leaving workplace.

• Keep entrances, and exits secure at all times.

• Access control is a good way of keeping out unwanted persons.

• Make sure you arm your alarm when the last person leaves.

• Check credit card details carefully.

• Lock store rooms when not in use.

• Place surveillance cameras behind counters.

• Install secure security gates.

Communication safety

• Use the code word ‘ICE’ (in case of emergency) on your cellphone and the relevant number.

• When installing a landline make it easily accessible.

• Inform children not to divulge personal information.

• Make sure you have emergency numbers handy (be sure they are clear and legible.).

Driver safety (around schools)

• Be aware of school signage.

• Reduce speeding in zones near schools.

• Be patient at pedestrian crossings.

• Stop when directed to by scholar patrol.

Security for your valuables

• Valuable jewellry should be photographed in colour.

• Copies should be kept for insurance purposes.

• Consider installing a reliable safe.

• List all valuables by their make, model and serial number.

Reducing false alarms

• Spray insect repellent around motion detectors regularly.

• Wipe away spider webs.

• General housekeeping will keep pests away.


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