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Learners at Marist Brothers Primary celebrate Holy Week

Learners and staff dedicate a Holy Week to remembering, reflecting and celebrating as a time of devotion with particular solemnity.

Holy Week begins with Jesus being ushered into Jerusalem with palm leaves which was how important guests were welcomed.

Marist Brothers Linmeyer Primary School began their reflections on March 25 when Ms Gouveia and her class took them through the 14 Stations of the Cross.

This poignant ceremony took them on the journey with Christ after he arrived at Jerusalem. It begins with his condemnation to death and until his body is taken off the cross and placed in the tomb.

Traditionally, these events are marked on Good Friday when Christ died. On March 28, Mrs Kennedy and her class marked Holy Week with the Dressing of the Cross.

Marketing manager Tracy Edwards said: “Here, we look at the particular items which are linked to the crucifixion, such as the crown of thorns and the purple robe Jesus was mockingly dressed in. Each symbol is explained with a reading from the Bible.

“These symbols help to reflect on the suffering of Christ during the trial under Pontius Pilate to his crucifixion and death. We focus on the sacrifice made for our salvation.”

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