Ideas for St. Patrick’s Day at Work

Celebrate the day with your colleagues.

If your office loves celebrating every holiday of the year, St. Patrick’s Day on 17 March is probably one of the most fun one to decorate and be creative. Devoting some time at work to celebrating holidays such as St. Patrick’s Day can be an effective way to raise the morale of your workplace and give employees a chance to have a few smiles

So it is not too late to get into the spirit with your team.

For the décor:

  • Take a trip to a local store and get streamers, hats, signs, and anything else you can find in the seasonal section. Let the team pick a few items they want to use to decorate their desks and offices.
  • Buy green props, such as glasses or necklaces, for everyone to wear; someone is sure to forget to wear something green!
  • Change your Facebook page or website’s page to something about the day.
  • Decorate your main lobby area to show visitors that your team enjoys working there.


  • Find a radio station that plays traditional Irish folk music.
  • Alternatively, create a cool playlist.

Games and activities

  • Invite everyone to wear green and award the team member wearing the most green, or the best leprechaun costume.
  • Have everyone change their Facebook profile picture to a St. Patrick’s Day theme and award the best or funniest picture.
  • Play an Irish history trivia game.

These are just some of the ways you and your work team can celebrate this day.

Woman can try this make-up tutorial for St. Patricks Day :




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