Top car accessories to buy for father’s day

We have compiled a list of gift ideas that suit your pocket.

Choosing the right gift for your father this father’s day can be a tiring thing since the list of gifts is endless. Thankfully, we have compiled a list for you of the top car accessories to buy for father’s day. 

Car mats

Get your father’s car some new quality mats to make his car look really cool. These can be purchased from reputable vehicle spares shop across South Africa. 

Roof racks

These can be a very good gift and useful when your father is an outdoor person who enjoys camping, snowboarding and cycling. 


Just in case your father takes the short left and go off-roading, mud flaps can be very useful as they protect the fenders from damaging the fenders.

Roof cargo box

Let not your father run out of space during vacation by getting his car the cargo box for a bit more room.

Seat covers

Get quality seat covers for his car. This is useful as it protects the seats from dirt.

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