How to recover quickly from winter colds and flu

Our focus may be on more serious illnesses right now, but that doesn’t mean seasonal sickness should be ignored…

If you’re experiencing body chills, congestion, or painful muscles and joints as a result of a cold or flu, early treatment can reduce the severity of your symptoms and speed up your recovery.

These four simple tips will help:

Stay home and rest. Rest is vital as it gives the body time and energy to heal, while staying home obviously means you’re less likely to infect others or pick up additional germs while your immune system is low.  

Cover up. Got a cough? Remember to cover your mouth and cough into your elbow to prevent infection from spreading. Discard dirty tissues immediately and wash your hands regularly – it matters, not just in COVID times, as germs can survive on many surfaces!

Supplement. A natural antibiotic such as Septogard from Tibb Health Sciences can reduce inflammation and help fight infection.

Hydrate. The body loses water and electrolytes when ill (think fever and sweats), so replacing lost fluids is vital. Staying hydrated will help your system cope. 

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