DIY Saturday: How to refresh your front door

Just a few coats of paint is all it takes to elevate your entrance and invite fresh energy in…

First impressions count, yet front doors are often forgotten about when it comes to home maintenance. You can change that easily though, simply by repainting yours a gorgeous new hue in half a day!

Take inspiration from your surroundings and opt for classics such as teal, sage green and grey, or bright pops of colour like red (a feng shui favourite), navy or mustard yellow.

Semi-gloss paints work best – make sure your choice is suitable for exteriors.

Excited? Here’s how to do it…

Step 1: Remove all hardware

For a professional finish, take all hardware, including knobs, handles or locks, off the door before you begin and set them aside to polish later while the paint dries. Use painter’s tape to cover any built-in features like peepholes and glass panels.

Step 2: Prep the door

Clean the door and give it a light sanding to roughen the flat surfaces of the existing paint. This step will help give the primer a better surface to stick to. Wipe the entire door with a dry cloth to remove dust.

Step 3: Prime and paint

Spread a drop cloth on the floor to protect it, then apply your primer or your paint-and-primer-in-one if using a combination product. Start at the top of the door and work your way down. Use a small brush for any narrow panels, bevels or crevices and a roller or wide brush for flat panels. Leave it for a couple of hours until completely dry (you may want to paint the door frame now), then lightly sand any uneven surfaces and wipe down with a soft cloth. Apply your second coat and polish your hardware.

Step 4: Put it back

Reattach all hardware and step back to admire your handy work!

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