Want a convertible – then get one!

AutoTrader data indicates that there are many convertibles up for grabs for under R200 000.

Spring is in the air! Flowers are blooming, leaves are budding, and birds are building their nests. And it’s time for us to leave our nests… in none other than a convertible of course. However, while sassy convertibles are synonymous with spring and open-top motoring, they cost an arm and a leg – right? Not necessarily…

An analysis of data from AutoTrader covering the first eight months of 2022 reveals that there are lots of used convertibles available at sub-R200 000 prices.

“This will come as surprisingly good news to aspirant convertible owners,” notes AutoTrader’s CEO George Mienie.

“Some motorists may believe that a convertible is beyond their reach. Indeed, these vehicles tend to be more expensive than regular cars due to extra parts that for example control the convertible top.”

However, when one examines the list of the top ten most listed cabriolets for under R200 000, it becomes apparent that it is indeed possible to snap up an open top with an affordable price tag.

There’s one proviso though (which won’t be a deterrent to most automotive enthusiasts): buyers need to be content with a vehicle of German origin. Every single convertible on the list hails from the land of Autobahns and weißbier (note: not to be enjoyed together). Even the Mini models on the list actually hail from Germany (since BMW owns Mini).

So, which are the best deals? It’s hard to pick one or two above the rest because they’re all rather tantalising, but the Mini Cooper S Convertible looks like a great deal. This is a really fun car to drive; the average mileage of 114 954km is quite low and the average price of R137 796 is very appealing indeed. The average year of registration for the Mini Cooper S Convertible is 2010.

The other convertible that is particularly noteworthy is the Mercedes-Benz SLK350. With an average year of registration of 2005, it’s one of the oldest kids on this particular block. However, this is a convertible that has aged exceptionally well. And then there’s also its performance. Mercedes claims a zero-to-100km/h time of 5.4 seconds. The average price tag for this pocket rocket is R171 098 while the average mileage is 134 099km.

Top 10 most listed cabriolets priced at R200 000 or under*


Source: Nikki Chennells

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