It is a wrap for the historic racing circuit

Red Star Raceway hosted the final Historic race event for 2022 and Peter Bailey won the overall crown in the Sprint races.

The Ben Morgenrood Group Historic Racing season wrapped up the season with much intrigue over the past weekend. While Peter Bailey raced to overall victory in the Sprint races, and Johan Smith’s Nissan Skyline beat Pursuit champion Werner Hartzenberg’s Porsche 916 to Pursuit victory, the 2022 Sprint champion remains a secret.

Stefan Snyders powered his Porsche to pole position for the opening Ben Morgenrood Historic Sprint race heat from Peter Bailey’s similar car. Jannie van Rooyen’s Pro Auto Rubber VW Sciroccos was the only Class C car to qualify after teammate and title contender Stuart Konig’s sister car had ignition trouble in qualifying.

Evelthon Rotsides topped a busy Class D grid in his Datsun 240 Z from Rene van Rensburg‘s Ford Escort, Gavin Lundin in his Silverguard Datsun 1200 Deluxe, Fred Konig’s Scirocco and Sophos Pantazis’ 240 Z after Andre ten Napel’s TMCC Scirocco also hit trouble. Another title contender Sean Hepburn’s AA Datsun 1200 Deluxe edged Riaan Roux’s Scirocco in Class E.

Also in championship contention, John Simpson’s Evoke Reality Alfa Romeo Giulia GT Sprint led Tihan van Rooyen’s van Rooyen Optics Porsche 924 and Riaan de Ru’s Fort Prefect in Class G. Heinrich Norton’s Van Rooyen Optics Porsche 924 topped the Class H grid from Hendrick van Zyl’s Ford Anglia.

Stuart Konig.

Peter Bailey first had to fight a feisty Jannie van Rooyen’s Scirocco off before waiting until the last lap to make his move on Andre van der Merwe’s similar Porsche for the win after Stefan Snyders stopped. Stuart Konig meanwhile delivered a splendid drive from the back to dispose of teammate Jannie van Rooyen for third.

Evelthon Rotsides also found his way past Jannie. His efforts to keep van Rooyen at bay resulted in the Datsun man breaking out of Class D by enough to move him up a class to C, where he split the yellow Sciroccos at the flag.

That left Gavin Lundin to take the Class D win from Fred Konig after Sophos Pantazis and Rene van Rensburg both hit trouble. Sean Hepburn beat Riaan Roux to the Class E win, while John Simpson took Class G from Riaan de Ru and Tihan van Rooyen. Hendrick van Zyl took the Class H win after Heinrich Norton did not make the start.

Peter Bailey had race 2 to himself after Stefan Snyders did not start. Then the pursuing Andre van der Merwe hit trouble to leave Class C winner Stuart Konig to take second from Jannie van Rooyen. Class D winner Rene van Rensburg bounced back to beat Evelthon Rotsides, with Fred Konig and Gavin Lundin in the chase after Sophos Pantazis stopped.

Henrick van Zyl.

Sean Hepburn ended his Class E season with a double win over Riaan Roux, while John Simpson did the same in Class G from van Rooyen and De Ru. Hendrick van Zyl was left to take Class H. Overall, Bailey took Class B for the day, Stuart Konig Class C and dad Fred Class D. Hepburn won Class E, Simpson D, and van Zyl H.

With the Index aspect of the ultra-close, Ben Morgenrood Group Historic Sprint Series remaining secret until the annual awards ceremony, it remains unclear as to whom are the 2022 overall and class champions. All will be revealed at that glittering occasion!

Moving on to the handicap Ben Morgenrood Group Historic Pursuit Series finale, Johan Smith left his rasping sprint Mazda rotary at home and took the wheel of the 1982 Nissan Skyline 2800 GT wife Michelle normally drives to deliver a fine opening heat win.

Smith led a fine class top four over Machiel Oberholzer’s Mercedes 190E, 2022 Pursuit champion Werner Hartzenberg’s Porsche 916 and Wynand du Plessis Snr’s Porsche 944 S2. Willem van Niekerk was the first Modified class man home in his Marauder from Jensen Ewart’s Alfetta and Althea Pretorius’ Nissan Exa as Rob Clark took the Youngtimers win.

Champion Hartzenberg then closed off his season in style with the second heat win over Smith, Oberholzer and du Plessis. Van Niekerk did the Modified double from Riaan Roux’s Scirocco, Clive Winterstein’s Porsche 356 A and Pretorius, as Clark held Mike O’Sullivan’s similar Ballade off for Youngtimer honours.

So, Fines quartet, Johan Smith took the day from Werner Hartzenberg, Machiel Oberholzer and Wynand du Plessis Snr. Willem van Niekerk took modifieds overall from Althea Pretorius and Riaan Roux and Rob Clark took the Youngtimers trophy for the weekend.

Peter Bailey.

The upshot of all is that Werner Hartzenberg is the 2022 Ben Morgenrood Group Historic Pursuit champion from Fine class rivals Wynand du Plessis Snr and Rob van Aarle’s Ford Escort. Althea Pretorius took the Modified class title from Willem van Niekerk and Riaan Roux.

All that remains of the Ben Morgenrood Group Historic Racing season is for the Sprint Class Index of Performance results to be released to reveal the 2022 Sprint champions at the annual HRSA awards ceremony.

Then it starts all over again for the 2023 season.

Source: MotorsportMedia
Photos: Paul Bedford

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