Make a difference in your community in 2023

Let this year be the year you become a local hero in your community by reaching out and changing lives.

People traditionally look to external parties or big foundations in times of need, but did you ever think how you can make a change for the better?

According to the online fundraising platform, GivenGain, South Africans don’t sit around and wait for help – they take matters into their own hands!

Throughout every year, local heroes swim, cycle and run great distances, and perform other remarkable feats to give back to their communities. Backed by the power of online fundraising, they are able to support their favourite charities quickly, easily and effectively.

Here are some of the best examples of ordinary people doing extraordinary things for the sake of their community:

Taking the plunge

Towards the end of last year, a team of 11 swimmers known as The Flying Mullets braved the choppy waters of the Zanzibar Channel with the goal of crossing the full 36km distance. After 13 hours, they succeeded, breaking the previous record and raising R276 954for HospiceWits in the process.

HospiceWits is a non-profit that provides palliative care and support for South Africans with life-threatening illnesses and their families. The Flying Mullets held several fundraising events for HospiceWits previously, and this year they decided to organise their efforts through GivenGain for the first time.

We’re excited to see what other daring fundraisers this team has planned for 2023.

One man, one bike, one continent

Children with untreated cleft lip and/or palate conditions can sometimes develop difficulties eating, speaking, hearing, and breathing. Like many others, Daniel Meyer and Ashley Verhulp, who helped organise the campaign, believe that every child deserves to lead a happy and healthy life.

“We found ourselves asking what the nature of our personal responsibilities to the world was,” says Daniel. “After much introspective reflection and hours of discussion, we found a simple answer to our question – we both love making people smile!”

That’s why, last July, Daniel cycled 3 000km across Europe to raise R133 708 for Operation Smile South Africa, a non-profit that provides free life-changing surgery to underprivileged children with cleft conditions. His dedication to the cause certainly brings a smile to everyone’s faces.


Dry January

Any talk of personal responsibility would be incomplete without highlighting Tribe Sober’s successful annual fundraiser. Every January, this sobriety support group comes together to encourage members and sponsors to give up alcohol for 30 days. With the R61 350 they raised in 2022, Tribe Sober could provide a year’s worth of mindfulness and yoga sessions for kids.

And just halfway through January 2023, they once again surpassed their goal! There’s still time to make a donation to Tribe Sober’s 2023 project or start your own fundraiser to help create a healthier, alcohol-free community.

Girls supporting girls

Too many students in South Africa don’t have access to quality private education. Last September, Gr 9 student Amy Macaskill set out on a 90km walk along the Klaserie River to change that.

Amy raised R107 748 in total. Those funds will allow the Eco Children Bursary Programme to send one underprivileged young girl to Southern Cross Schools in Hoedspruit so that she can have a chance to reach her full potential.

An investment in one girl’s education is an investment in the future of South Africa. Eco Children works to develop students’ sense of social responsibility so that they can one day give back to their community – like Amy.

Your turn in 2023

Isn’t it comforting to know that your community has your back? What if you could become the next local hero? There are infinite ways to do so – run a race, pledge your birthday, speedrun a video game, let donors pick your next hair colour – anything goes!

With one wide-reaching online fundraiser on GivenGain, you can contribute to something bigger than yourself. Simply create your online fundraising project for your favourite charity and you’re ready to start changing the world!

Contact the GivenGain team at with any fundraising queries and they’ll help you get started.

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