Violence erupts as DA marchers forced to turn back

Planned march halted by leading party’s supporters.

The Democratic Alliance’s (DA) planned march to the African National Congress (ANC) headquarters Lithulu House didn’t go as planned yesterday.

The planned ‘Jobs March’ that started at the Westgate Transport Hub was scheduled to end at the Bayers Naude Square where ANC supporters were waiting, ended.

Stun grenades were heard and bricks thrown which ended what was meant to be a peaceful march.

Earlier in the day, when addressing the crowd, Lindiwe Mazibuko said they were not here to play games while the crowd shouted ‘We are not scared’.

It was however, apparent that some supporters were scared as they ran back to the Westgate Transport Hub after they were stopped by some ANC supporters.

Rubber bullets were fired by police to stop ANC supporters.

DA supporters said they felt that the ANC was provoking them by waiting at the square and their march was not legal and theirs was.

ANC supporters on the other hand said the DA was provoking them by coming to Lithuli House in the first place.

Song and dance kept ANC supporters busy as others were still under the impression that the DA was still coming even though the DA had fled.


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