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Mourners drag race in memory of Zakes

Tires pop and burn to commemorate Zakes.

Zola Two went through more than a week of drag racing, drinking and spectatorship in memory of Zakhele Mkhanza.

Since the last week of February, residents of Zola Two and Three have been sleeping to the sound of squeaking tires and a lively crowd cheering till the early hours of the morning.

Famously known as Zakes, Mkhanza was known for his daring stunts, and his connection to the underworld of gangsterism.

Towards the end of his life, Mkhanza had started living a peaceful Christian life style attending church and giving his family all his attention.

Sickness took its and others say he will always be a representative of raw kasi culture.

Sello Nyathi was drifting in the number 15 car called a ‘diff’ famously known for being the classic Toyota vehicle that drifts.

“Once the engine of this car gets warm there’s no stopping me.

“Zakes was one of our elders in the game and all I want to do is honour him.

“Much like me, when he starts getting serious there was no stopping him,” Nyathi said.

According to him and his friend Sipho, its not just anyone who can drift and it takes proper skill to get right and avoid bumping into people and spinning out of control.

Phumzile Ngwenya was part of the crowd and says she had never been to a gangsters funeral before and this wasn’t bad for a first time.

“The most exciting part is when the car spins so close to the crowd that bits of tires start shooting at us as though the friction of the tires is going to sweep our feet away,” Ngwenya said.

Ngwenya says this is raw kasi culture at its best and there is no way anyone wouldn’t enjoy viewing this.

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  1. I was there and personlly the Lombani boys “Diff boys” we’re rocking big ups 2 them

  2. thank you guys for showing this, its our kasi culture and these nothing wrong with it and we also love it so much, again thank you very much for exploring this culture of ours…dankie keep the blood flowing.

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