Protea Glen Park gets a mini upgrade

Gamblers must stop using children’s play area.

Johannesburg City Parks has started cleaning parks to make sure they are ready to be utilised when festive season comes.

Protea Glen Park in Extension 11 is one of the parks being cleaned up and upgraded.

The cleaning of the park includes paving they pathway, removing unwanted substances like bottles.

“What we are doing here is very important because we want to make sure that children play in a clean and safe environment. If there are swings broken, we take them out and will install new ones,” said David Mukhathi who works at City Parks.

The community is urged to take care of the parks and always make sure it is safe for their children.

They are also advised to stop burning parks because they are ruining them and degrading them.

“People should stop gambling in parks because the park in Extension 11 was specially designed for children to play at to avoid them playing on the streets but now it seems like gamblers enjoy it more than children and that has to stop,” said Mukhathi.

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