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Don’t Huff, Don’t Puff, Keep away from that stuff! Drug awareness, Bramfischer.

Fight all forms of substance abuse with your nearest LDAC who are determined to help the community rid itself from drugs.

Local Drug Action Committee LDAC hosted a local drug substance abuse awareness programme in Bramfischer.

Programme Director Nandi Ngcobo said that the programme is to inform the Bramfischer Phase 2 community that there is LDAC serving the Bramfischer community, “We are here today to help the community about substance abuse.

“The community should know that if they know anyone with a drug problem they can come to the Saved by FAITH Full Gospel church of God and LDAC will assist them,” she said.


Different stakeholders who were present at the event included; Siyanakekela  which deals with education awareness, Dobsonville police, South African National Civic Organisation SANCO, The Department of Social Development and the Community Police Forum to name a few.

Chairperson of LDAC Matome Bopela said that anyone one who wants to go to rehab in Bramfischer can be assisted by LDAC, “We work hand in hand with the social workers in order to assist those who use drugs with everything they need.”

The Bramfischer LDAC was launched last year by the Department of Social Development in order to tackle the growing issue of substance abuse in the area.

Bopela said that programme was a success because the community attended and hope they benefited from what they were told.


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