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Sewage, blocked drains, electrical issues, leaking taps and more destroying Emma Flats from the ground-up

Repairs will do no justice to Emma Flats.

Blocked drains, damp walls, electrical issues, burst pipes, leaking taps, cracks in walls and floors, when one flushes or lets the water out of their bath, sewer comes up the bath and toilet, rats infestations, moulded walls, that’s just a few issues that residents from Emma Flats, Newclare are faced with.

“Our problem is that we are not getting any joy from our local council. The emails start from June 2017 and we did not have any response from them up until January 2018.

“Our problem is that our flats are constantly in floods, it’s the pipes, and if you look into this whole thing, you will see that repairs are not going to do anything here. There’s going to be no justice even if they do repairs,” said Tasneem.

Fries from the Newclare Working Committee.

Laverne Lodge added: “I think they need to move all of us out because there is structural movement. You can actually see at the back of the flats how the structure is collapsing as we living in it. We are built on water, we are constant flooding, our sewage pipes are always leaking, there are constantly blocked drains.

According to Fries, they finally got a meeting with two officials from Region B Housing in February. From that meeting, the officials took the residents’ reports of all the struggling issues.

Fries said that the only reason why they responded now was that the committee sent all of their emails to the President’s Office, the mayor and to Mmusi Maimane.

Fries said: “A sewage pipe burst and we not sure what the other pipe is for but we assume that it’s our water pipe which has a hole in, the sewage was going in that pipe. There were two people who got sick.

“Many of us boil our water before drinking it because it is just not safe to drink regular tap water. There’s black stuff that comes out of our cold-water taps, we think its scum. Our appliances and lights are not working also because they keep on blowing due to the water issue. We have been fighting this fight since 1990 and nothing has been done.”

“Our feedback meeting was on February 15 which they gave us a report stating that nothing has been reported in the last five years. If nothing was reported then why were the three units who had electrical issues fixed by the City? So, if we had not reported it then how was it fixed?”

“Long story short they are not going to move us. What they don’t understand that they will be repairing for years to come and it’s still not going to change the situation. We going to be reporting the same issues, year after year,” said Lodge.

With the last major flood in 2016 water actually built up and pushed through residents’ walls. Residents say that they have to live like prisoners locked in because at night the rats come through the drains into their homes, there are bad smells and flies. The residents said that the water issue got worse when the City did the first stormwater drain project.

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