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Pimville grannies celebrated

The event was also dedicated to the honour and celebration of struggle stalwart Mama Albertina Nontsikelelo Sisulu.


Most of us know Meli’s Lounge as just a place where people just go for drinks and have fun, but it is more than that, the place has become a place of hope for the hopeless.

The owner of the lounge, Meli Morewane is one of the most successful business men in Pimville who always finds ways to get involved and give back to the community.
On Wednesday, August 15 the place hosted grannies from senior citizens clubs andAfrican National Congress (ANC) veterans in Pimville.

The event was organised by the ANC to honour and celebrate South Africa’s struggle stalwart Mama Albertina Nontsikelelo Sisulu.


The event was dedicated to her immense contribution to the emancipation of South Africans in general, and women in particular.
It was initially set to take place on Mandela Day, July 18 but because of unforeseen circumstances, it was postponed and moved to women’s month, which made it even more meaningful.
The keynote address was delivered by Pimville’s Ward 22 councillor Elizabeth Mabaso, who joined the grannies and spent the day with them.

Speaking at the event Mabaso told grannies that they are very important in the ANC, pointing out some of their contributions in the ANC.
“You have experienced oppression in the past in terms of gender, race and class, you went through a lot but you are still standing.

“You are important in the ANC, our youth will always say we are too old to lead them and that the ANC needs young innovative people to survive, but that’s not true, I believe that you are the supporters and leaders, VIVA Mbokoto VIVA,” said Mabaso.
Meli contributed towards feeding the grannies but unfortunately some parts of Pimville did not have electricity, the plan was to play good music for the grannies. At the end of the event about 20 grannies were given free massages.

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