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Another cemetery vandalised

"This is a desecration. They have no respect for the dead and people here take great offence to that."

The Bakerton cemetery has been subject to vandalism.

For the past few weeks, residents have been complaining that people steal the palisades surrounding the cemetery.

A large portion of the border fence is gone with the palisades missing or lying broken on the ground.

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Ward councillor Ramesh Sheodin says: “It’s disgusting to see what happened to the concrete walling around the cemetery.

“Some people have no regard for the dead.

“On many occasions, residents have seen the concrete fencing being carried across the road into the informal settlements.”

He adds: “The place looks an absolute mess; it will cost millions of Rands to replace the fencing.”

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This vandalism and desecration is very similar to what has been reported at the Geduld cemetery.

Sheodin has lodged a complaint with the police and hopes that the thieves will be tracked down and arrested.

The metro has failed to respond at the time of publication.

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