Old house has become an eye sore

Residents say building must be demolished

Residents say they want the house on 2099 Old Cemetery Road in First Avenue in Geduld to be torn down.

Over the years, the structure has fallen apart and has been taken over by homeless people.

PR Clr Lorna Beharie was appalled by what she found at the abandoned house in Geduld.

“I used to run past there, but not anywhere, it’s too dangerous.

“If you try to talk to the people there, they will mug you.

“It’s not safe for anybody to be living there.

“There’s no electricity, water or toilets, people just do their business anywhere,” says resident Hendrik Booysen.

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Booysen says they also use the cemetery next door to get water or defecate there.

Currently, there are approximately 11 people living in the house.

The street lights not working properly have compounded the fears of the residents.

Over the past year a wall was put up between the house and the Jewish part of the cemetery as the graves were being vandalised.

It is not clear if the vandalism was caused by the same people living in the house now.

Residents say they would like the municipality to demolish the structure and cut the grass outside and in the cemetery.

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PR Clr Lorna Beharie says following the complaints by residents in the area regarding the influx of vagrants, she went to see the property in question.

“The seemingly abandoned property has become home to vagrants who not only reside on the property, but also use the grounds to store and sort rubbish for recycling.

“I have contacted our Shadow MMC for Environment and Waste Management Ald Andre du Plessis to look into this matter.

“He will conduct an oversight visit and we will also ascertain whether the property is privately owned or owned by the municipality.

“Due to the poor living conditions, I will also be escalating this to the MMC for Human Settlements, Clr Lesiba Mpya, to look into the matter,” says Beharie.

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