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Residents demand service delivery

Angry residents frustrated by poor service delivery

Tsakani – Extension 19 residents are protesting over service delivery, and they are demanding title deeds, proper toilets, electricity and street lights.

Resident Themba Theledi says the project started in 2001, but to date it remains incomplete.

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“We have been using the bucket system since forever, which doesn’t make sense because we do have sewage and water pipes.

“Using the bucket system is affecting us negatively as our health is also being affected.

“We have been residing here for over 20 years and we still do not have title deed,” says Theledi.

Residents say they have attempted to get answers without any success.

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“We have been to the customer care canter and have had multiple meetings where all the stakeholders were invited, but no one came; no one is saying anything to us.

“We feel as if we are being disrespected and disregarded.

“Imagine living in a place without lights and a proper toilet, this place is not safe at all,” says Shane Chauke.

Residents say they will not stop protesting until someone from human settlement comes to address them.

Other challenges they are facing are the issue of illegal occupants on the land and the service stands being sold illegally.

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