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Tlakula High School Class of ’74 reunites

Tlakula High School JC class of 1974 celebrated their 50th reunion on Monday with fond memories and hope for the future.

The Tlakula High School JC class of 1974 joyously celebrated their 50th reunion at Masge Events Specialists in Selcourt on Monday.

The celebration brought together classroom memories, from old school recitations to literature they had learned, evoking nostalgia and camaraderie among old friends.

Reflecting on the passage of time, one attendee, Ntina Themba, remarked, “It feels like yesterday we were walking together. Now it is half a century later, and here we are, sitting together again.”

Themba eloquently shared, “We gather in remembrance of our teachers, who shaped us into the individuals we are today.

“At least then, we did not expect we would be part of the 1976 generation that was to change the course of history in this country.

“As we reflect on our past, let us look back at our journey with gratitude and look to the future with hope and excitement.”

Themba, speaking on behalf of the group, emphasised, “We are a generation that endured much, and today, we rightfully celebrate this day.”

The group also took a moment to remember Mantsane Harmse, a member who recently passed away but who would have been celebrating this reunion with them.

“We also take this time to remember those who fought bravely but had to leave us to meet their Maker. We also remember our classmates who have departed along the way; they may be gone, but they remain forever in our hearts,” she added solemnly.

The reunion underscored the enduring bonds of friendship and the profound impact of shared experiences over the years.

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