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Golf courses may soon be open again

Golf courses set to open soon

Golfers may soon be able to enjoy a few rounds on their favourite course after the Department of Sports, Arts and Culture allowed for the safe return of golf.

GolfRSA CEO Grant Hepburn says: “The golf bodies wish to thank the minister, director-general and their team of staff for their commitment to helping golf to begin exercise and training for members of a federation, agency, club or body.

“Golf acknowledges and recognises that the safety of human life is of paramount importance.

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“We appreciate the challenge presented to government to ensure an appropriate response to the threats presented by the global coronavirus pandemic.

“As a result, we sought to ensure compliance with unfolding regulations and directives,” says Hepburn.

Over the past few weeks, GolfRSA has equipped all clubs with risk mitigation strategies and training of compliance officers.

In addition to this, GolfRSA has provided all facilities with a state-of-the-art application that allows for the scanning and monitoring of all golfers and staff.

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Clubs need to complete the confirmation of compliance document and submit it to GolfRSA before they can open their facilities.

“We wish to thank the golfing public and industry for their support of the collaborative process undertaken by the golf bodies,” says Hepburn.

The Pollak Park Golf Club and Springs Country Club will inform their members once they are ready to open.

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