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Movie: Struck by lightning Reviewed by: Sarah Coughlan Rating: 7 out of 10

When I first saw the cover of this movie, I was expecting the usual high school teen movie, mindless and dull.

Even though the movie does have the usual, stereotypical characters found in all teen movies, I was pleasantly surprised by the plot and the unpredictable twist in the storyline.

A high school boy, who doesn’t fit into any of the clicks in his school, wants to escape the idiocy in his home town by going to the college of his dreams and living in New York.

When he finds out that being the editor of his school newspaper isn’t going to get him in, he blackmails some of the students into helping him create a literary magazine. Everything eventually seems to be going on track, but a twist in the story puts an end to his dreams.

The only big name in the movie is Rebel Wilson, who plays an awkward teen who films everyone and everything around her. As always, Rebel’s quick and random comments makes most of the comedy in the movie.

The movie struck me as a funny but serious comedy drama, which tries to instil in the audience the theme of leaving the nest and following your dreams in any way possible. The movie shows how some people never follow their dreams, mostly because they talk themselves into fearing the unknown.

A pleasant, funny and weirdly inspirational movie, Struck by Lightning is a good one to watch when you’re feeling like giggling and being inspired to follow your dreams.

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