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Don’t forget about your pets

Going away? The NSPCA says you should make provision for animals early.

“Above all we ask people to plan,” says Christine Kuch, spokesperson for the NSPCA.

She says that every year SPCAs receive last minute requests to board animals.

“Reputable boarding kennels book up quickly and well in advance.

“It is not a criticism that kennels insist on vaccination certificates,” adds Kuch.

She says that it is a sensible requirement and that people should be cautious when boarding facilities do not ask for them as this is putting all animals at risk.

“Accidents happen; if you use a house-sitter, have back-up plan in case he or she is taken ill.

“Does the house-sitter have full details of the local SPCA and your veterinarian, including a float in case treatment is needed?”

Above all, take care.

Fireworks may be legal on certain days between certain times. Make sure that someone is with the animals and that they are safely indoors.

“Report matters of concern to your local SPCA directly not via Facebook or email.

“Especially with power cuts, reports might not reach the SPCA quickly enough,” Kuch says.

Make a call and keep your local SPCA number on your cell phone.

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