New generation Ranger is on its way

How will it fare against its biggest rival - the Toyota Hilux, and what does the latter have up its sleeve - if indeed it has?

South Africa is one of three production hubs for the new Ranger that will be exported to more than 100 markets throughout the world.

This expansion of operations in South Africa is valued at US$1.05b and will generate 1 200 new jobs at Ford with another 10 000 created across the value chain.

“We have put immense effort, resources, and the latest technologies in place to ensure that the Next-Gen Ranger is truly world-class, and that the Silverton plant globally equals the very best,” says Andrea Cavallaro, director of operations, Ford IMG.

“We took several strategic decisions including the decision to bring the stamping operations and the frame manufacturing in-house, to ensure complete control of the production quality. The process put in today guarantees that the components going onto the assembly line for every Next-Gen Ranger are of the highest quality.”

The stamping plant at the Silverton Assembly Plant is in a new 10,320m2 facility and feeds stamped body panels directly to the adjacent and completely new 44,000m2 body shop which is highly automated with approximately 493 robots.

“The success of the Ranger globally establishes it as one of Ford’s most important nameplates sold in every continent,” said Neale Hill, president of Ford Motor Company Africa.

Neale Hill – President Ford Motor Company Africa.

“The Next-Gen Ranger is sure to raise the bar yet again and with the start of production in the Silverton assembly plant, South Africa is proud to play a role in its growth.”

“We are confident that the Next-Gen Ranger will build on this great success story and forge an even more powerful legacy in the years to come,” Hill added.

Click HERE to view the first next-generation Ranger coming off the Silverton Assembly Plant production line.

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