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Watch: Locally developed app enables motorists to find the cheapest fuel

The app enables users to calculate fuel prices and the best rewards and has proven to be valuable to motorists of Mzansi.

In the tech age, new mobile apps are being developed by the day, sometimes for pure entertainment but others for convenience. As the world gravitates towards this future, it only makes sense for South Africa to keep up with the trends.

A newly developed South African app can now help motorists navigate fuel stations near them, pointing out which one offers the cheapest fuel and best cash-back and fuel-reward programmes. Bearing the name MyTank, the genius app was developed by Capetonian Rob Gardner and is free to use and available for both Android and iOs software. MyTank was initially developed to check and compare prices of diesel, as diesel is unregulated, prices can differ significantly between filling stations, by adding the rewards points the app has also been relevant to petrol buyers.

In a recent interview, Gardner mentioned: “Some of the rewards programmes are notoriously hard to decode, so I wanted to provide a simple ‘apples-for-apples’ comparison and keep it super easy and intuitive with just enough info to allow users to make informed decisions.”

The app simplifies the process of driving around looking for stations that offer reasonable fuel prices and better rewards, with all the calculations done for you, the app will point you in the right direction, navigating you to the station with the cheapest prices. A loose idea that could possibly turn into one of the greatest software inventions to come out of South Africa is now adding value to motorists by the day.

The app is intuitive and straightforward to use. All you have to do is register an account on the app, and proceed to set your tank size, fuel type and reward programmes you use. MyTank will then take over and calculate and rank fuel stations you should use to get the best prices and rewards. The app allows users to choose between the petrol and diesel price per litre or the price to fill up an entire tank and can also have the app deduct the value they earn from their rewards programme from refuelling costs. Gardner believes the potential deregulation of retail unleaded 93 petrol prices will further grow the app’s value.

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