No load-shedding, just stolen cables

The recent spells of electricity being on and off were mistaken for load-shedding, whether it is or not, is still debatable.

However, the missing electricity could be accounted to the copper cable theft that has been an issue in the community.

An unknown man was found in the possession of copper cables on March 6, at around 23:45. The cables were apparently stolen from Dennis Tavern in Hlalanikahle and they were worth R2000. Although the country has an electricity problem, the increase in copper thefts does not aid anyone, but in fact frustrates the majority of residents, as life with no electricity tends to move slowly in urbanised areas.

Accidents are increased; house robberies also rise as thieves take advantage of the power outage to their benefit. Copper is used in the many wires that conduct electricity to homes of residents. Stolen copper cables can affect an entire area causing it to be without electricity.

To report copper cable theft criminals contact Crime Stop 086000 10111.

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