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Belinah gives life-changing words to women

Belinah wants to remind women that they are powerful and worthy of being women, no matter their circumstances.

Beyond beauty and brains, Belinah Mahlangu has scars that testify to what she has been through.

The 30-year-old author rose beyond the ashes like a phoenix and is encouraging other women to do the same.

The Rietspruit born self-published writer used her story as an example to help other women who feel like they are in a battle with prenatal or postnatal depression.

Belinah started to pen down her book in 2017 when she was facing troubles with the father of her child, while she was pregnant.

The situation didn’t stop Belinah, as she still strives to be the best mother that she can be to her 5-year-old son.

Belinah, along with her two brothers, were raised in Rietspruit by both their parents and describes her upbringing as warm.

Her father passed away in 2008.

Belinah reminisces on her early school days when teachers told her that she was good at writing, especially with essays.

She then studied and graduated in Human Resources Management in 2012.

“I believe I wrote this book at the right time and the situation was right for me at the time. I did research on how pregnant women are affected by postnatal depression and anxiety. Some women have undiagnosed mental illnesses that turn into postnatal depression when they are pregnant. This really impacts them as some might end up being suicidal, or harm themselves and their baby. Some don’t even make it out of the depression,” Belinah said.

The book titled: ‘The Risen Anchor’ has not been launched, but the author has started distributing and selling it herself.

Belinah believes that this book will help both men and women.

Through this book, she wants to educate men on what women go through, especially when pregnant; and how their absence as fathers might damage a child’s life.

Belinah wants to also remind women that they are powerful and worthy of being women, no matter their circumstances.

She wanted to tell women that it is okay if their child is denied by their father.

“Writing this book has helped me because I feel healed. If I was to see the father of my child, I would tell him that he gave me the best gift ever and that he is missing out on raising an intelligent boy. I would also like him to know that my son has the birthright to know his father, so I will not stand in his way if he wishes to build a relationship with his son,” added Belinah.

Belinah delivers her books personally to her customers.

Anyone who would like to purchase the book can contact her on 071 463 6208.

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