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Local beauty queen has best interest at heart for young girls in the city

“I want the young girls of eMalahleni to know that they have immense potential and can achieve greatness.”

Hilda Lauze, a 26-year-old dynamo, is not just a name but a beacon of inspiration for aspiring models and young girls alike.

Holding four distinctive titles from the 2021/2023 pageant season –Miss Nkangala Photogenic, Miss eMalahleni Queen, Miss Black Barbie, and Miss Pearl of the Highveld – Hilda’s journey in the world of modelling began at the tender age of 13, a journey marked by triumphs in 11 pageants.
With a steely resolve, Hilda is now gearing up for the Miss Stellar World South Africa pageant in April, a venture she sees not just as a personal milestone but as an opportunity to inspire the next generation.

“I’ve never looked back since I started modelling at 13, and now, I’m looking forward to shining in Miss Stellar World South Africa this April, hoping to bring this one home as I have done in the past,” she said.

Beyond the dazzling lights of the runway, Hilda envisions a future where she gives back to the community that has nurtured her dreams.
Her ambition? To establish a modelling agency, a sanctuary for young minds aspiring to embark on the modelling journey.

“It is not an easy journey; it comes with a lot of challenges and requires one to be determined and hardworking, she said.

Reflecting on the transformative power of modelling, Hilda reveals, “It kept me away from the streets.” This revelation encapsulates her belief in providing a positive alternative for young individuals, channelling their creativity into a path of purpose and inspiration.
But Hilda’s story isn’t just about personal success. It’s a narrative of empowerment, and she’s keen on spreading that message. “Run after your goals,” she encourages, extending a hand to those just starting their modelling journey.

“I am available to provide motivation, mentoring, and anything else they might need.”

As a nurse by profession, Hilda is not blind to the challenges faced by young girls in the community. It deeply concerns her to witness instances of early pregnancies, prompting her to become a vocal advocate for parental involvement and support.

“I’m encouraging parents to focus on their children’s interests and pay attention to the support of their children,” she said.

Support, according to Hilda, is the key to this intricate journey.

It’s a philosophy she embodies not just in words but in action.

Beyond the glitz and glamour of the runway, she is committed to uplifting the community. Her vision extends to inspiring and guiding young girls in eMalahleni.
In a recent community event, Hilda took centre stage to empower and encourage young girls.

Sharing her journey, she emphasised the transformative power of modelling in keeping young individuals away from potential pitfalls.

“I want the young girls of eMalahleni to know that they have immense potential and can achieve greatness,” she said.

During the interactive session, Hilda offered valuable insights on facing challenges in the modeling industry and life in general.

“It’s not an easy journey, but with determination and hard work, you can overcome any obstacle,” she said.

To learn more about her journey, follow her on Facebook (Hilda Alishba L@wzy), Instagram (hilda_alishba), and Tiktok (hildaalishba).

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