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The best times to get great travel deals in South Africa

Travel deals are designed to reduce the cost of travelling, knowing the best times to get these deals is very important.

Going on vacation very often requires a lot of foresight and planning. One aspect many people battle with when planning a vacation is finding great travel specials that maximises the experience while minimising its effect on your bank account. There are certain tips and tricks one has to be privy to in order to find amazing travel discounts.

Here’s what you need to know about finding great travel deals:  

1.Always book domestic flights on Tuesdays

It’s said that the cheapest day of the week to book domestic flights on is Tuesday. Booking in the afternoon is recommended, as prices tend to be higher in the morning when many who are travelling for business book via business accounts.    

2.Avoid booking domestic flights on Fridays, Sundays, public and school holidays

Now that you know what days are best to book flight tickets, it’s time to be privy to the days to avoid for booking domestic flights. Domestic flights tend to be more expensive on Fridays and Sundays. It’s also not recommended to book before or during public and school holidays as demand tends to be quite high, which causes a surge in prices.  

3.Consider travelling locally during February and August

February and August are great local travel months because they are off-peak months. Travelling outside of peak times means you’ll get great flight discounts as well as accommodation discounts. Furthermore, travelling when everyone else is at home will make your trip much more fun as you’ll not only save money, but you’ll also skip all the long queues and enjoy your vacation without being surrounded by large crowds.  

4.Try to avoid travelling during December, January, and July

 It’s a no-brainer, but booking a vacation in December means you’ll be paying way more than you would during any other time of the year. Other peak seasons you should avoid to get great travel deals are January and July.  

5.Sometimes booking in advance helps

Even if you decide to travel during peak season, it’s a great idea to book in advance when demand is still quite low. This is because the higher demand goes, the higher the prices are for accommodation, travel, and more.  

6.But don’t book too far in advance

Although this might contradict the above point, booking too far in advance might result in you missing out on a possible flash sale hosted by the airline. Six weeks before your departure is a great time to book as it’ll give you enough time to reap the benefits of lower air fares, while still opening you up to the opportunity of taking advantage of a last-minute sale.  

Incorporating the above tips and tricks into your travel planning can ensure that you reap the benefits of great deals and discounts.  

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