8 tips to prevent thieves stealing goods out of your car

Police warn of theft from cars in eShowe.

THE theft of goods out of motor vehicles has increased over the last few months in eShowe and the SAPS warns residents to be vigilant.

Reports of items being stolen out of motor vehicles, although drivers claim to have locked their vehicles, are being received on a daily basis.

They return to their vehicles and find their vehicle unlocked and valuable items such as cellphones, laptops, GPS devices, wallets and purses missing.

The police once again renew their warning that thieves are using a ‘jammer’ to foil the remote control of motor vehicles, but also take advantage of negligence.

The eShowe SAPS can be contacted on 035 4734211 or 035 4734215.

Tips to avoid being a victim

Ensure that your car is locked by checking the doors physically, even though you may hear the cues that your alarm or lock has been activated

Lock your car manually with the key

Be wary of people loitering in the parking area

Be on the lookout for unusual plastic or metal boxes, roughly the size and shape of a portable two way radio and have four antennas.

Do not leave valuable items in your vehicle or in full view of others

Do not leave any windows or sunroofs open

Do not move valuable items to the vehicle’s boot in full view of other people

Always be aware of your surroundings and other people around you.

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